Las Vegas Urgent Care, House calls and Hotel Doctors

Vita Heaven Urgent Care, Housecalls, and Wellness Services

  • Convenient urgent care center
  • Housecalls for most minor urgent care issues
  • Wellness Services – Vitamin Therapy, Myers’ Cocktail, B12 shots and more
  • Short Uber/Lyft from your hotel room
  • Efficient, high quality service

Vita Heaven Urgent Care and housecalls is open seven days a week and staffed by physicians or mid-level providers (Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners.) We have a clinic located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and also provide house-call services.

We are only a short Uber or Lyft from your hotel room.

We treat hundreds of patients each month and will make sure to get you back to your vacation as quickly as possible.

We do not take insurance and are a boutique urgent care and also offer housecalls. Many Las Vegas urgent care centers focus on volume and see over 100 patients per day. This can result in long wait times and impersonal service. At Vita Heaven, we focus on you and your medical problem so we can get you treated effectively and efficiently. We usually can have patients in and out of our facility in 45 minutes or less.

If you have travelers insurance or medical insurance, we will provide you with a bill and a copy of your medical record if you desire. You can file these documents with your insurance company for reimbursement.

We are also able to treat you in the comfort of your hotel room. For most conditions, we can provide the same level of service in your hotel room as at our clinic. There is an extra “House Call Fee” for this service.

Meet Our Team

Medical Director

Dr. Burke is the Medical Director of Vita Heaven Healthcare. He has over 15 years of clinical experience and is an expert at IV vitamin therapy.

Lead Clinical Nurse

Julia Ostrowski brings over 25 years of nursing experience to Vita Heaven. Ms. Ostrowski aids in the coordination of care at Vita Heaven and Hangover Heaven.

Administrative Lead

Ms. Willis has over 4 years of clinic management experience and is the contact person for any administrative, scheduling, or billing issues at Vita Heaven.