Vita Heaven provides high quality medical services right off the Las Vegas Strip.  We are open 7 days a week and offer free shuttle service, as well as hotel room treatment.



Urgent care

Vita Heaven Urgent Care is a private, high quality and efficient urgent care located just off the Las Vegas Strip.  We treat minor urgent care issues and focus or urgent care on tourists.  Our goal is to get you back to your vacation quickly.


Vitamin therapy

We have extensive experience with intravenous vitamin therapy, including Myers' cocktail, intravenous vitamin C, and IV glutathione.  We are experts at IV therapy and will provide you with a comfortable, professional experience.

IV Hydration

Vita Heaven is connected to Hangover Heaven, which provides more intravenous hydration than any other medical office in the country.  We are experts at IV hydration, whether it is from food poisoning or a hangover.